Our Product

Green Hills Vegetable Oil offers an affordable, good quality alternative to the unhealthy palm oil that Ethiopia currently imports for its edible oils.

We believe in the bright future of Ethiopia.

Produced and processed locally, GHVO supports the local farmer and local industry. Instead of being an importer of poor quality oils, GHVO exports textured vegetable protein as a very high quality by product of oil production. In addition to this, high protein soy meal is sold to the animal feeds industry.

Our Mission

We solve problems that create lasting change having a social and economic impact on communities.

Integrating Purpose with Profit

There is currently zero production of quality high protein soybean meal or oil in Ethiopia. With GHVO in place, the palm oil that is imported now which has serious negative health concerns can be reduced. GHVO will also be able to support local farmers – both out growers and marketplace sellers - as well as produce soybeans in house to help fill the gap in the local supply chain.

Who We Are

Levi Benkert

Levi Benkert is passionate about building, funding, and advancing sustainable, efficient companies in the developing world. He has 6+ years of on-the-ground Ethiopia operations experience, 10+ years of real estate development and construction experience and is founder/CEO of three residential real estate development firms

Scott Friesen

Scott is a serial entrepreneur who has started, grown & sold companies since 1998. He has helped to orchestrate the sale of four of these start-ups in technology and media. Having led operations, sales & technology teams, he has a track record of producing consistent growth and profitability.

Bruce Hamilton

With over 25 years of agricultural experience running corporate and private businesses in a very diverse array of fields around Africa, Bruce has overseen projects from very intensive floriculture, intensive tree nut and orchard crops, to large scale livestock and grain businesses. Managing up to 10,000 staff and covering thousands of hectares, Bruce’s entire experience has been Africa based.